TRUSTX is Now Part of Symitri

TRUSTX is now a wholly-owned subsidiary of Symitri, a new company designed to balance the commercial needs of publishers and advertisers with the global demand for consumer privacy. We remain a purpose-driven public benefit corporation (B-Corp)—becoming part of Symitri just brings our mission of saving the open web that much closer. And for TRUSTX media buyers and sellers, it’s business as usual.

Ad industry prepares for ‘tipping point’ this year in sustainability

Like so many industries, the ad industry is on a mission to shrink its carbon footprint. But until now the focus has been on piecemeal evaluations — calculating the emissions from an online campaign here, a tech partnership there. These are significant steps, but they’re just the beginning.

The Case for Taking the Privacy High Road

With billions of dollars in ad tech shareholder value on the line when it comes to the future of identity, there seems to be a lot of pressure to iterate on the status quo when nothing short of a radical rethink is required. The big question is, “What should that future look like?”…