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Redefining Suitability in Trusted News

Trusted news content is brand safe. This was one of the main conclusions of a unprecedented cross-industry paper released by the 4As on April 6, 2020. Along with the 4As Advertiser Protection Bureau, agencies Publicis, GroupM, Universal McCann and Dentsu, the main industry verification vendors and major publishing partners, TRUSTX has been an active collaborator to move the industry’s approach to news brand safety and suitability forward.

“Bringing buyers, sellers, and tech companies together to unpack the problem of brand safety and suitability in news has demonstrated just how big the opportunity is for brands and publishers alike,” said David Kohl, President & CEO of TRUSTX. “News is overwhelmingly brand-safe, and we’re seeing more clearly how advertisers can unlock the value of professional news media without compromising on brand suitability. This is just the beginning.”

Read more about the Redefining Suitability in Trusted News initiative, and download the paper here. For more information on the project, contact us at

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