Not all paths
to inventory are
created equal

[ The Clearest Path ]

Programmatic advertising is at a crossroads. The industry’s long-term sustainability requires a different approach. Clean and direct. Fully transparent. Brand-safe. The highest ethical standards. Which is why we created TRUSTX.

TRUSTX is a premium private marketplace, connecting the world’s most trusted advertisers and publishers. Together, we’re rebuilding the digital supply chain with trust and transparency at the core.

Join us on the clearest path to trusted advertising.

The Highest Standards

  • 100% human. Guaranteed fraud-free.
  • Real-time viewability on every impression.
  • Fully transparent with no buyer fees. 100% of spend goes to working media.
  • Brand-safe, Privacy-safe.


  • 100% of inventory is direct, with no reselling or intermediaries.
  • The only SSP built by, and for, premium publishers.
  • Fully curated, members-only marketplace.
  • Delivering the highest quality inventory from the world's leading media brands.


  • Certified public benefit corporation (B-Corp), focused on purpose-driven impact, and fair practices across the supply chain.
  • Partner for clean supply and new approaches in ethical, transparent, brand-suitable advertising.
  • Focused on building a sustainable future for trusted advertising.

"THE BIGGEST ADVANTAGE FOR ADVERTISERS AND AGENCIES is how easily they can buy clean and clear inventory directly from the world’s most trusted publishers. Buyers are managing thousands of line items. They are looking for an open exchange without reseller exposure and without all the risks, costs and complexity. That’s why they need TRUSTX.”

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