Supporting News during COVID 19

Terri Walter, Chief Growth Officer of TRUSTX
April 24, 2020

How should a brand approach marketing during this pandemic?  It's important to lean into trusted content and take a more nuanced approach to brand safety to ensure you are not blocking news.  Below please find a variety of resources and perspectives to help.

“I will say this again. Please, don’t block or harm news sites during this time under the pretext of brand safety. The Coronavirus topic is unavoidable, news impressions are increasing, and responsible brands should be there in respectful and meaningful ways.”  

Twitter – Joshua Lowcock, Chief Digital Officer at Universal-McCann


Brand Suitability Series by Matt McLaughlin, COO DoubleVerify

Part 1: Supporting News Amid the Coronavirus Crisis

Part 2: Demystifying DV’s Keyword Blocklist Service

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Part 4: Get to Know your Toolkit

COVID 19: Brand Safety and Suitability
Guide by IAS

A practical guide for balancing digital advertising risk and reach during a global pandemic


Oracle Data Cloud

The News Industry Needs Advertisers Support Right Now

If You’re Using a Blacklist, It’s ‘Dead’ Certain You Blocked This Article

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