Talking Programmatic: United We Stand, Divided We Fall


Okay, we all know the facts: walled gardens are eating the lunches of publishers and tech vendors. Whether or not that is actually the case, that is certainly the feeling by many and as a result, this sentiment is driving a movement of collaboration never seen before in the advertising industry.

Not only do walled gardens provide a cross-screen deterministic view of their users, but they also provide a rich set of first party data to target them against. This, you could argue, is the exact reason they are doing so well, because they drive traffic for publishers and ROI for advertisers. So why is there negativity around their growth from many in the market? Is it envy, is it fear, or is it for other justified reasons…

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TRUSTX Takes Aim at Opaque Programmatic Trading Practices

A crisis of trust. That’s what going on in the programmatic buying space, as brands have continued to lose trust in the marketplaces and publishers with which they work. Relationships among agencies, brands, publishers, and the ad tech players that bring these groups together have diminished as brand safety crises and measurement concerns multiplied. The […]

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Programmatic advertisers ramp up efforts to deal direct with publishers

As more advertisers set up their own ad tech deals, they’re taking demonstrable steps to ensure a larger slice of their programmatic ad budgets get directly to the publisher. While the idea of closing the gap between advertisers and publishers is nothing new, the sheer number of intermediaries between the two has made it easier […]

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No Hidden Fees

Transparency in digital advertising is a journey. We discover new requirements for clarity along the way. Fee transparency, which has been a clarion call from marketers for the last few years, can mean much more than simple disclosure. Fee ambiguity and opacity within the digital advertising marketplace experience – no matter how well disclosed – […]

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